Tollestrup Construction Inc. reclaims deteriorating asphalt to create a superior base structure.

Deteriorating asphalt roads, pathways, parking lots and gravel roads can be economically repaired through the process of pulverization.

Tollestrup Construction Inc. uses road reclaimers to pulverize the deteriorating asphalt, and mixes it with the underlying base to create a new and often superior base structure. During the pulverizing process, an additive (sometimes referred to as a binding agent) can be blended with the pulverized material to act as a binder for the new material, or used for road stabilization and dust control on gravel roads. The blended material is then replaced and compacted on the roadway, ready for resurfacing.

With pulverization, existing raw materials are reused, and little (if any) new gravel is required. This significantly reduces transportation costs and the growing demand on our non-renewable resources. In addition to the economic advantages, the process can increase the structural integrity of the roadway by increasing the granular thickness of the aggregate base.


Tollestrup Construction Inc. uses only the most modern equipment and innovative techniques to ensure that all projects are completed to the customer's satisfaction, and to the exacting standards that Tollestrup insists upon.

Tollestrup Construction Inc. offers a wide variety of asphalt supply and placement services to meet the demanding needs of today's construction industry.

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