Tollestrup now offers recycled asphalt as an alternative to gravel. The ideal usage for recycled asphalt is in driveways and parking lots! Asphalt from former road projects is collected when we resurface roads around Lethbridge and the surrounding area. By reclaiming this material and crushing it down into a fine gravel, we’ve created a sustainable product for our customers and clients to use. While traditional gravel parking lots and driveways might weaken and break down over time as the gravel is slowly ground into finer pieces by passing cars, recycled asphalt millings harden under the continued pressure, just like an asphalt road! Because they’re not continually ground down, recycled asphalt also produces less dirt and dust than a traditional gravel installation all the while adapting better to the ever-changing temperatures in our southern Alberta climate! Talk to us today about how recycled asphalt could improve your parking lot or driveway project!